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Originally Posted by River Hippie View Post
Komodo Dragon in close proximity to an adult human
There are some images on Google that make the dragon seem much larger but they are probably "forced perspective" photography.
I dunno, it looks like a particularly large dragon, but not unrealistically so. I've seen lots of monitor lizards on Java, and Komodo dragons on Rinci. To me, the photo looks reasonable.

As to the behavior of the guy, what he's doing is probably unwise, but if the dragon is sated after a big meal, it is probably pretty logy. And if this guy is one of the handlers/tour guides who work on Rinci and Komodo, he's probably very familiar with their behavior.

On Rinci (and probably Komodo too, but I don't know because we didn't go there), you can hike all around the island with a guide, and see lots of dragons pretty close up along the way. The guides carry big forked sticks just in case, but nothing untoward happened while we were there and I suspect that's the norm.