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Originally Posted by Tamerlane View Post
Colibri + Fotheringay-Phipps give the correct answer I believe. Rick Sanchez you can get a technical pass on the lizard/snake thing as Colibri noted ( depending on which systematist you query ), but google was lying to you. There probably has never been an anaconda that reached 550 lbs - that is just a fantasy estimate for a fantasy length that has never been verified and probably never will be.

The heaviest ever verified Komodo dragon weighed 366 lbs ( including a full stomach, which probably added a lot ), which beats the largest verified anaconda at 215 lbs.
If we are talking about the world's largest living reptile I've heard that Leatherback sea turtles can be up to 1000lbs? But probably one of the Crockagators would be larger.

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