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Assume it won't rot.

My seat-of-the-pants calculations got me 149 years, but I figured you guys would come up with a better approach.

The question came up as a result of a "name the worst possible housepet" contest, which was handily won by my 8 year old niece. As unpleasant as a pet alligator or skunk might be, we all had to admit that the practical realities of trying to house a blue whale trumped all other considerations. In trying to come up with something positive to say about the prospect of a pet blue whale, I said, "well, if you got sick of keeping it as a pet, you could just eat it." The question of how long that would take was inevitable.

Now, the reason we were all together was to celebrate my mom's 75th birthday, now also known as "halfway done eating that whale."

Of course, if astro's calculations are correct, she'd already be finished.