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Originally Posted by Nansbread1 View Post
You will die of various ailments due to eating raw whale meat and blubber first.
Assume no ill health effects from the all-whale diet.

Originally Posted by LSLGuy View Post
It seems astro's got the best calculation. So we're going to need 65 years worth of "good" recipes. That's a tall / long / heavy order!
I think the weak link in astro's calculations is the assumption that the blue whale will have the same proportion of edible to non-edible material as a whale 100x as small and of a different species as well. I think the larger animal would at least have a greater proportion of edible weight, and the meat/muktuk proportion would probably be different as well.

But he definitely offers the best approach so far, and the caloric values of the meat and muktuk are probably similar between the species. So we just need to adjust for the different proportions.

So, anybody know anything about blue whale anatomy?