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Some years ago, I helped a friend prepare a room to be a nursery. Like you, his goal was to remove the wallpaper to then paint.

We were using some stuff from Home Depot that you sponged on, and then scraped the paper off. The stuff would be absorbed into the paper and loosen the glue. It worked reasonably well. BUT it's not until we started that we found there were 5...layers of wallpaper before reaching the wall. (While mindlessly scrubbing I was actually thinking of calculating the volume/space loss of the room due to the thickness of the accumulated layers ;-)
So whereas this stuff worked on the "surface" layer, it would only work to varying degrees on the lower layers. And you end up with...a mess - different levels of progress on different parts of the walls. The only good thing is that once you finally get to the actual wall (on the first section), you now have a means to accurately gauge your progress !

The point is: don't go in planning to remove a "single" layer.