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I've had eventual victory over a townhouse full of wallpaper.

1. I agree that every wallpapered room is different. My place had three different kinds of wallpaper that called for two different tactics.
One was pink, textured wallpaper. This type pulled apart into two layers without any chemicals. After pulling the top layer off, the bottom layer was a porous paper. The bottom layer could be removed by "painting" it with liquid Dif using a paint roller, then pulling it off while damp.
Another was a thinner wallpaper. Perforating this and then spraying it with a lot of Gel Dif was the best approach here.

2. The steamer didn't work any better than the Dif for me, and since it's more of a hassle to set up and use I only tried it once. However, perhaps there is a type of wallpaper that it works a lot better on.

3. If you are very gentle with the perforating tool ("paper tiger"), it might not leave marks on the wall. I wasn't gentle enough everywhere, and it may be impossible to do this perfectly. You should plan on needing three coats and some spackling anyway, as it's nearly impossible to leave the drywall in perfect condition afterward.

4. Allocate a lot of time. It's slow going and when I tried to rush, the paper would rip or layers would separate, making it take even longer. Or I would damage the drywall, requiring extra spackling and making the final result look worse. It took me about a year of working weekends on and off to remove wallpaper from about 800 sq. ft. across 3 rooms. And this was before I had children.

Afterward, my wife and I agreed we would never again buy a house with wallpaper.