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I tore out wallpaper in my kitchen & dining room and in one bathroom. They must have done the bathroom first because they'd put up backing paper in the kitchen and it all came down nicely. I did not have an actual wallpaper steamer, but I had this little Scünci steamer (that I'd ordered from an infomercial when I waked and baked once; do not recommend) and that did okay, but the water capacity was small and I'd have to refill the thing and wait for it to heat back up so it was a pain in the ass and I should have just invested in a proper wallpaper steamer.

And either I couldn't figure out how to use it or Dif just didn't work at all for me. Same with the paper tiger thingy. Upon preview, I'm reading the post above this one and they let the Dif soak in overnight. Huh. Never thought of that. :: face palm ::

Now, in the bathroom, they put the wallpaper straight on and it wasn't that old and a scraper + Scünci steamer were employed. This resulted in huge chunks of wallboard being pulled off with the old wallpaper and that's how I learned to "skim mud" or whatever with the joint compound.

Anyway, friends don't let friends put up wallpaper.