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When we bought the house we currently live in, it was covered - every room - in wallpaper. (Also frilly floor length curtains, but that's another story.) We've removed the wallpaper in about half the house by now (about 12 years later). We've had the same mixed results as everybody else here - success depends on the wall, the wall preparation, the paper type and lots of other things. I'll just tell you our worst.

We happened to be remodelling our master bathroom at the time, which grew as projects do to include the bedroom. We had a design-build firm doing that work and for reasons I forget now we decided to remove the wallpaper from the guest bathroom. Nothing worked, not the solvents or the steamer or the perferations. Everything combined and the best we could do was pick off dime-sized pieces with a large chunk of drywall, so it was a total failure. We finally called the sheetrock contractor over from the other room and said "yeah, I know it's a change order and will cost us extra, but... take this room down to studs and re-drywall it, too."