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My last wallpaper fiasco resulted in me eventually hiring someone to remove all the sheet rock in a 1/2 bath.

The wallpaper was peeling in a small 5'x6' bathroom, so I figured "This will be easy, I'll take it down, clean it up, and paint it." Layer 1 pealed of, not to bad, to reveal layer 2 below that. Layer 2 was partially removed, and apparently had been placed directed on the sheet rock, with no primer or paint below it. So rather than take it all off, layer 1 had been added on top.

I have been here before, and ended up skim coating the entire bathroom, after the wallpaper removal damaged the sheet rock, so I decided to go straight for sheet rock removal and replacement ("Hey, it's a tiny room, resheet rocking will be easy, plus I can see where all the wires and plumbing run, to make other remodeling easier") Well, and I found mold and punky sheet rock under the window, where it had obviously gotten wet repeatedly.

Then... I found that the sheet rock had been not only nailed to the studs, but glued on with mastic. The stuff looked like tar, but over 45 years had hardened to the consistency of obsidian. And in order to find that, I'd already punched holes in it. Time to call in the professionals.

The good news is, my bathroom has no more mold, improved insulation, and nice new flat sheet rock. Oh, and I know where all the wiring and plumbing is.

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