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We went thru this a few years ago.

1st room: Put on stripper and ran the holey-thing over it. Came off easy-peasy. Really big sheets. Barely had to do a second application anywhere.

2nd room: Put on stripper, etc. Nothing. The stuff wouldn't come off in big pieces. Some scrapping ensued. Result: tearing off of some of the drywall paper.

What was the difference? The first room had primer on the walls. The second the wallpaper was put on bare drywall.

Lots and lots of effort ensued. Tried a steamer and all that. Then had to do some skim coating over the bad parts. Painted it this time. But still not a smooth enough finish, so new wallpaper over that. Actually looks nice.

3rd room: hired a pro. Took him a lot of effort, a lot of wall compound to smooth things out. Looks mostly okay but still not like a normally smooth wall after painting.

4th room: To heck with it. Thick paint. Multiple layers. Looks decent.

If you are ever in a position to put wallpaper on drywall: paint it first. Doesn't have to look great, won't take long, but saves a huge headache later.