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Originally Posted by JcWoman View Post
In case any lurkers are reading this and wondering why this is such an issue, it's because drywall consists of three layers: paper, a thick layer of gypsum plaster, and paper on the other side. When you paste wallpaper directly to unprimed drywall it glues the wallpaper and the drywall paper layer together pretty permanently. If you try to take the wallpaper down and the drywall paper comes along with it, you're screwed and that's when you have to repair or replace the drywall.
Yes. We encountered this situation in a previous house. The drywall and the paper were as one. Removing it was impossible without destroying the drywall. We painted over it, and it was fine.

Other rooms sometimes strip relatively easily. But if you have the permanently bonded situation, you're better off covering it.