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Originally Posted by Ethilrist View Post
And then mongeese to control the snakes, and hyenas to control the mongeese...
In Richard Brautigan's novel A Confederate General from Big Sur, they have a problem with noisy frogs that start croaking when the sun goes down. So they visit a pet shop and acquire two small, pet alligators.

At dusk, Lee Mellon took the first alligator out of the box. "You like frog legs?" he asked, and carefully put the alligator in the pond. The alligator lay there stationary like a toy boat. Lee Mellon gave him a push and the alligator sailed out into the pond.

There was instant silence over the pond as if the pond had been dropped right into the heart of a cemetery. Lee Mellon took the second alligator out of the box.

Lee Mellon stroked the back of the alligator and put it down into the pond and floated it away, and the silence in the pond was multiplied by two. Silence hung like mist over the pond.

"Well, that takes care of the frogs," whispered Elaine.

"They're gone," said Lee Mellon.

"Yeah," I said. "There's nothing in there now but alligators."