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The Why isn't this Book a Movie Already Thread?

I know the usual blah blah blah involves "someone already owns the rights and are sitting on them" crap but there have been several books I read (mostly sci-fi and fantasy) that are compelling stories both on a human level and the Ooo, I want to see that on a screen level. Now there have been a few on screen stinkers like Starship Troopers and several Dean Koontz and Stephen King books but still I'd love to see some great books turned to film.

My contenders are:
Ariel by Steven R Boyett- It has Post Apocalyptic landscapes, a unicorn with an utterly foul mouth and a peppermint candy fetish, a boyish hero who means well, Japanese swordsmanship, and some really kick ass villains. Plus magic.

The Belgariad by David Eddings- More swords and sorcery , interesting characters and probably better in a format like GoT, it would still make a great trilogy of big screen movies.

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen r Donaldson- Again, this would be better as an HBO series but I could see a few big screen movies being made of this.

Rite of Passage- Alexei Panshin A great coming of age novel that would slot in well with fans of Hunger Games and Divergent, etc.

So what do you think should be a movie or series?