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Now that cgi is at the level that this movie could be done, it should be. Sure, there's really no plot to speak of, but there wasn't much of a pot to Titanic, and look how well that did. Visually, it could be a stunning movie. Just the shot of the arch going overhead would be worth the price of admission.

For other classic sci fi with the same issues, there could be movies of

Childhood's End
Rendezvous with Rama

I'm not sure we need everything in Known Space. And reading about a two headed, three legged alien with a voice like Marilyn Monroe works OK, but I think the reality would come across as absurd if you actually make Puppeteers in live action.
Childhood's End was done as a miniseries by SyFy in 2015. I found it to be ...acceptable. There were changes but there simply had to be for the story to work. The overall plot was kept.

Rama is in production. Last update on IMDB was October of 2016. There are quite a number of classic science fiction titles in one form of production or another. Foundation is supposedly in some sort of development at HBO. Would be surprised to see that happen.

Ringworld does keep popping up as in development. But it never makes it to screen, either tv or movie.

As a John Scalzi fan, he has three properties in development deals that keep not going anywhere. I would be that today's new release will be optioned quickly too.

The problem is that all of these might make good products by the focus is on easily marketed properties with guaranteed profits. Reboots, sequels, and extensions of known franchises meet those criteria for studio execs even if there are the occasional duds.