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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
Morgan Freeman has the film rights and has been trying to make this movie for over a decade now.
Originally Posted by howye View Post
Childhood's End was done as a miniseries by SyFy in 2015..
It seems I missed the production of Childhood's End, so that's one for Hollywood follow through, but "in production" doesn't necessarily mean anything. I have old issues of Starlog that talked about a ton of recognizable, popular sci-fi projects that were "in production", (one of which was Childhood's End, interestingly enough, but a different production) and over the last nearly 40 years almost none of them came out.

Surprisingly, one that never got a single mention as being "in production" was Zelazny's Lord of Light. That one should have gotten noticed, because it was designed to get publicity, but I never even saw even a passing reference. Maybe Starlog was on to the game?

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