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As I've argued before, Alfred Bester's the Stars my Destination. I think it can be done, naysayers be damned, and far easier than many other suggestions in this thread.

I'll add in for Rendezvous with Rama, which I think would be better than Chuldhood's End was.

I'd like to see a decent movie made out of Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Every adaptation I've seen is either a vehicle for the Star At The Time (Will Rogers, Bing Crosby) or changes the novel so completely that you don't recognize it (PBS, of all groups, various kid's adaptations, lots of popular movies ostensibly based on it). Dammit, Twain's highly comic and dramatic scenes -- the Destruction of Merlin's Tower, the Restoration of the Holy Fountain, the Charge of the Knights on Bicycles -- deserve to be put on screen.

I'd like to see at least one Heinlein novel adapted with something approaching fidelity. There are plenty to choose from, CGI has advanced to the point where you can do it justice. All you need to do is not to be lily-livered about it (Puppet Masters) or to have your own philosophy get in the way ([I]Stormship Troopers[/I). For the record, I think that Stranger in a Strange Land wouldn't be a good choice. Double Star might.

And I've long wanted to adapt Fredric Brown's classic story Arena for the screen. It's been done wrong often enough. And you can do it justice (without padding it out) as a movie.