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I'm a little surprised that more of Clive Cussler's novels haven't been filmed. They're incredibly dumb and clichéd, but they're very cinematic. Cussler himself is said to be one reason -- he makes himself a pain, apparently. It doesn't help that the only two Cussler movies -- Raise the Titanic and Sahara -- both tanked. But You'd think, with the already pre-sold market for these a set of well-made movies would turn a decent profit.

For that matter, why not the equally outrageous novels of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Childs, both together and separately? So far all they've made has been The Relic, but I thought that did decently. With the success of the Oak Island series on cable, you'd think that their novel Riptide would do well. (Just stat away from the damned Agent Pendergast books)