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I have been reading with interest hoping that someone would come up with the word that fits it well and am sad that none of us can do better than we have. I do not believe autistic fits it at all.

To my read it is describing a fresh unbiased look, uninfluenced by previous interpretations and uninfluenced by the "it is known that"s. The reason the boy was able to call out that the Emperor's new clothes were no clothes at all and what occurs when there is a paradigm shift in science reinterpreting the same raw data into a completely different pattern and why sometimes someone from outside a field, or a student, can ask the "stupid question" that the expert struggles to answer only eventually realizing that actually answering it forces accepting what they actually themselves only thought they had understood and was firmly established. It underlies the Socratic method but "Socratic" and "Socratic irony" are not it as those do not capture the fresh-eyed curiosity.

That "naive observationalist" comes closest, capturing the essentiality of the concept that it is observing something with intelligence from a perspective completely naive of how others have interpreted it before and therefore coming up with fresh questions, but there has to be something better.

"Lateral thinking" captures the "outside the box" aspect of it, the viewing things that everyone has viewed from one angle from a fresh and different perspective and seeing something else.

It certainly is not "factualist" or "empirical".

Dang, I'd love a good single word for the concept!