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While I would not advocate pouring bacon fat over your breakfast cereal every day, the lines about "hardening your arteries" really have no merit these days and have been generally proven to be untrue for the majority of people. (I'm not talking about people who have body chemistry that makes handling fat difficult -- like my uncle who is on three statin meds and lives on the Seventh Day Adventist Diet -- I'm talking about Joe and Jane Average here.)

Fat phobia keeps people from a lot of nice living and good eating.

"All things in moderation" is not a bad idea and if you use common sense you can eat a varied diet with occasional bits of excess and no harm done. There has been a tremendous amount of hysteria around food and the demonization of food substances has led to no real health advances that I can see but has caused a whole lot of misery. Choking down something you don't like may give you nutrients but no joy.

Bacon fat is a staple of Southern cooking and I grew up with the coffee can of fat on the stove, so I don't see it as anything else but a delicious part of good food. Strain the bacon fat as you take it out of the pan; it's cleaner and tastes better and lasts longer, not that it stays around here long in any event. I don't keep a can on the stove; we don't cook bacon every day and use what we generate usually the same day.

Again, don't use it every day, don't eat it at every meal, but when appropriate it's just the right thing. This evening my dinner will be a big wilted salad; bacon fat in the vinaigrette, crumbled bacon on top. (Romaine lettuce, thinly sliced red onion, hard boiled eggs; dressing is bacon grease, vinegar, touch of brown sugar, a bit of mustard, combine in skillet, pour hot dressing over salad, YUM. Might have a pork medallion on the side.) I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't know how good this is.

"Life is a banquet, and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death!"
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