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Originally Posted by stillownedbysetters View Post
This reminds me of something my dad used to do. He would let the grease settle just a bit, pour off the thin part on the top, then dunk bread in the sludge of grease and bacon detritus that remained. He called it "lick daub" or at least I think that is what it was. I never saw the term written down.

It was darn good, but I am sure it was hellaciously bad for you.
I actually got the idea from eating at an "Italian restaurant" (forget which one). For appetizers they would serve sliced baguette with olive oil for dipping.

I've been known to eat an entire loaf of bread with fresh bacon grease.

And I agree, anything that yummy, that can tempt me into eating that much in one sitting, has to be bad for you. Its like a universal law of nature or something.

hmmm, all those posts about substituting bacon for other oils in breakfast dishes...gonna try that with waffles I think, sometime this summer

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