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Also, about lethal dose:

This can be approached two ways:

1) a lethal dose of an otherwise non-lethal chemical component, or, even, water (disregulation of potassium) or lack of one essential to life.

2) a lethal dose because of sheer mass in the digestive tract--which I've wondered about in all those food-eating contests. And perhaps the largest amount of caviar ingestible may differ in mass than that of hot-dogs, etc.

Point 3) really gets to the literalization of the metaphor: Joking aside, I know that gerontologists and dieticians, let alone food technologists, study how choking occurs with different material consistencies and relative muscle control and strength.

I would dearly like to know how much caviar you could attempt to swallow before you choke on it (" rich bastard" )

Point one is perennially popular in GQ threads, with snacks and main dishes put up for discussion. If that is where this thread will go, hopefully, it will be a worthy addition to the research program.

But the "choking" part (and gastric bulk) I've never seen in this context. New horizons, new vistas...

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