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Taking the thread title at face value rather than the subset questions in the OP, (which don't even include truffles!).

If you try to survive on caviar, truffles, champage and foie gras...

You'll do OK for minerals and fat-soluble vitamins
You're fine for protein
You shouldn't suffer dehydration - subsisting on champagne as the only liquid will bring about an interesting new equilibrium in your body's hydration levels, but I don't think it will kill you
You're not getting very much fibre, which will cause digestive issues, but that wonb't kill you straight away
You're not getting a whole lot of carbohydrates (even with the truffles and champagne) - so it will still be sort of semi-Atkins, but the alcohol in the Champagne is a source of metabolic energy
There's a shortage of vitamin C and probably some of the other vitamins and nutrients that are normally plant-sourced

I think it's going to be scurvy that gets you.

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