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Originally Posted by Xema View Post
I'm a bit skeptical of this, based on ample evidence that a diet based on fresh meat (e.g. Eskimo diet) doesn't lead to scurvy.
Caviar and foie gras is not 'a diet of fresh meat' - there is a *tiny* amount of vitamin C in foie gras, and zero (or as good as zero) in the other items in this list.

Originally Posted by Dewey Finn View Post
Cecil Adams's column on why Eskimos didn't get scurvy, despite a diet based almost entirely on meat and fish. The Eskimos may have gotten Vitamin C from the skin of beluga whales, or the organ meat of sea mammals, but there's none in caviar.
The Eskimo diet also included fresh and preserved berries - and it happens to be the case that the available berries (bearberry, blueberry, cranberry, crowberry, and probably some species or other of Rubus) are pretty good sources of Vitamin C.
In the short arctic summer, green plants such as chickweed (another good source of Vitamin C) are available, and are documented as being eaten by Eskimos.

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