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Originally Posted by iamthewalrus(:3= View Post
Although if most of your calories come heavily salted, you'll need to drink a lot of champagne. So, even hydrating on net, it's not as hydrating, so you might trend toward alcohol poisoning.

Anyway, the OP has retracted the 2a) champagne requirement.
Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
My dad used to go fishing with Portuguese fishermen out of Long Beach. They stayed out for a day or two, drank nothing but black coffee and red wine.

I had a friend who drank nothing but coffee and beer.
I would tend to agree that you could do okay on champagne (assuming that you didn't have crazy salt intake, like you might if all you had was caviar). Also, high protein diet adds to burden.

Common wisdom is that people in the middle ages lived on beer and wine. Cite below says that that is false, people did drink water, but it still leaves the impression that they might live on alcoholic drinks if they could afford it.

Anyway, alcohol blunts ADH (anti-diuretic hormone/vasopressin) release, which causes an indirect diuresis. But that is essentially just resetting your "thermostat" to a level of less hydration. This is NOT quite like drinking water laced with diuretic (like Lasix), meaning the more you drink, the more dehydrated you become.

So maybe you could handle a lot of caviar with champagne only.

Anyway, is all caviar salty?

I guess if your tormentors only give you salty caviar and you find that to be a problem, you could first wash it in Dom Perignon...