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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
Just to be clear, are you saying a zero-carb diet?
Well, no foods high in carbs. Salads are a mainstay, but sure, there are a few incidental carbs.

Look at the Eskimos diet- yes a few berries and what-not for vitamin C. Fresh meat does have a few incidental carbs too.

Traditional Inuit diets derive approximately 50% of their calories from fat, 3035% from protein and 1520% of their calories from carbohydrates, largely in the form of glycogen from the raw meat they consumed.[22][23] ...Vitamins and minerals which are typically derived from plant sources are nonetheless present in most Inuit diets. Vitamins A and D are present in the oils and livers of cold-water fishes and mammals. Vitamin C is obtained through sources such as caribou liver, kelp, whale skin, and seal brain; because these foods are typically eaten raw or frozen, the vitamin C they contain, which would be destroyed by cooking, is instead preserved.[31]