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Your favorite show nobody but you remembers.

When Fox first came out with their TV channel I watched and liked their sit-coms. Even before Herman's Head, which is remember by many, there was Duet and its spin-off Open House. Duet was about a newlywed couple and Open House was about a real estate brokerage that starred Alison LaPlaca (why isn't she more famous?) being bitchy and a young Ellen DeGeneres before she came out, chasing men.

So many shows just disappear from HGTV and I really miss the DIY, home decor tips, designing on a budget type shows that they used to do. But there was one show back then that was just. . . strange at the time. Living with Ed-- a reality TV show starring crazy environmentalist Ed Begely, Jr and his put-upon wife. He rode a stationary bike to either make coffee or turn on the computer and hung out with a guy who rigged his car to run on waste restaurant grease. Bill Nye showed up every now and again. Jackson Brown showed up too.

Do you fondly remember short-lived TV shows on one has ever heard of?