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Originally Posted by bibliophage View Post
James at 15 (later renamed James at 16). As near as I can remember, it was about a sensitive teenage boy trying to fit in at a new school and city following his parents' divorce. It was controversial because the title character lost his virginity at the age of 16. I remember liking the show at the time, but I was pretty young when it aired. I don't remember much more about it. As far as I know it has never been released on VHS, DVD, Blu-Ray or any streaming service.
I remember the loss-of-virginity episode where James's eccentric roue uncle sets him up with a (of course) hot Swedish blonde.
Still remember the chucklehead theme song - a bunch of ham-fisted mullet-heads going "Whoh, whoh, whoh, whoh, whoh, whoh, James".
(And then the beginning of an SNL show with Don Pardoe announcing "'James at 75' cannot be seen at this time so we can bring you the following broadcast.")

A couple PBS shows from the late 70's - "Inside Tennis" and "We Interrupt This Week". I am the last remaining person on earth who still remembers those.

Micheal Moore's "TV Nation".

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I've mentioned it before, but the obscure Nanny and the Professor from 1970 is little known and a nice little show I loved as a kid.

I liked this show, great cast too.
featuring another flattenable theme song: