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There was a show called Cafe Americain in the early 90s with Valerie Bertinelli as an American divorcee named Holly who takes a vacation to Paris, and decides to stay there, so she gets a job in a place called "Cafe Americain." I suspect it was inspired by the play and later movie Shirley Valentine, but I have no proof.

I loved it, but I'd been to Paris, and there were lots of references to European people and places that were part of its humor-- it was a very funny show. It also occasionally had subtitles when people were speaking something other than English, and Americans don't like subtitles (or, according to some movie patrons whose money I gladly returned they "like, can't get into subtitles.")

I think that's why the show failed. As far as I know, it's only one of two attempts the US has ever made to set a show in a non-English speaking country, with the exceptions of shows on military bases, where everyone spoke English, and the other show was another show I liked that didn't last past the first season, called Outsourced, which was set in India, which yes, is technically English-speaking, and all the characters on it spoke English, so, no subtitles.

After being a reading, texting world for a long time, the country finally accepted a subtitled show when Switched at Birth managed 4 or 5 seasons on ABCFamily-- but then, if Cafe Americain had been a cable show, not a network show, maybe it would have been successful.