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Inexplicably Stupid Restaurant Concepts

A new restaurant is opening up in town called Boiling Seafood Crawfish, promising "New Orleans style" food. Hmm, sounds tempting (I am fond of crawfish for one thing).

Then I discover that the signature items are hot seafood served in a plastic bag, with no utensils available (management provides a bib and plastic gloves, for what one enthusiastic reviewer terms "Messy Fun" and a swell interactive experience).*

"Walking into Boiling Seafood for the first time is terrifying. At each table, diners are hunched over what looks to be a gory heap, dismembering pieces parts with their bare hands and gobbling them up like extras in the Walking Dead. The fact that the restaurant is small and dim – a former Chinese carry-out – only seems to heighten the anxiety...
Whether it's cracking crabs by the Chesapeake, dunking Maine steamer clams in butter, or attacking a mountain of boiled crawfish deep in Cajun Country, the most enjoyable seafood experiences are usually a god-awful mess. Good luck finding a messier meal in town than this one. At one point, I literally was picking shrimp shells out of my hair, and I'm pretty confident that I ruined a perfectly good pair of pants."

Note to reviewer: it's eminently possible to get through a heap of steamers without ruining your clothes, and I've had lots of good crawfish dinners without needing to dissect the tiny goddamn things out of their shells.**

Whoever dreamed up this communal dining equivalent of mud-wrestling, include me out.

Any other Fun concepts out there that need to be thrown in the dustbin of restaurant history?

*Not sure what the brown crud on the corn in the photo is, but I'm betting it's either corn silk the chef left in place to enhance your "messy fun", or possibly crawfish excrement for that authentic New Orleans touch.
**I do occasionally get cold peel and eat shrimp at restaurants, which is kind of messy, but would be less so if the idjits would stop sprinkling spice on the shrimp shells which leaves a bunch of residue on your hands.

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