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Originally Posted by Reno Nevada View Post
The hell? What kind of crawfish dish were you eating, and what kind of utensil were you using? Crawfish Alfredo at Red Lobster or something?
One of my favorites is the crawfish platter at Pappadeaux (typically comes with fried crawfish and crawfish etoufee, pictured here. Given the amount of meat in a crawfish, I don't want to waste time dissecting them en masse. I'll happily pay someone else to do it for me.

Oh, and every place I've ever eaten lobster at (including the world-famous Nunan's Lobster Hut) provides tableware. And I've never been one to bother with lobster bibs.*

I suspect the real motivation behind the "New Orleans experience" at the restaurant described in the OP is the owners' desire to save money by not having to shell the seafood and not needing to stock utensils. (Pity the cleanup crew that has to swab down the tables and floors).
Originally Posted by BeeGee
I'm guessing you wouldn't care for Joe's on Tybee Island that has both feral cats and alligators.
Alligator, OK. I'm not into the idea of eating feral cats. Maybe we could have a theme restaurant chain where you bring your pets to dine with you, no matter what they are.

*which reminds me of one of my favorite Gahan Wilson cartoons of the guy in the lobster bib, uneasily contemplating a jury box full of lobsters.
**I like drinking out of Mason jars. I have several at home for that purpose.