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Originally Posted by Jackmannii View Post
*Not sure what the brown crud on the corn in the photo is, but I'm betting it's either corn silk the chef left in place to enhance your "messy fun", or possibly crawfish excrement for that authentic New Orleans touch.
**I do occasionally get cold peel and eat shrimp at restaurants, which is kind of messy, but would be less so if the idjits would stop sprinkling spice on the shrimp shells which leaves a bunch of residue on your hands.
My time in Mississippi was made all the more enjoyable by meals you just described - you drive by a shack on the side of the road on the way home from work, tell them how many people you need to feed (or how many pounds), and they give you a plastic bag (which is maybe inside of a cardboard box, but not always (or usually)) filled with boiled crawfish, potatoes and 1/2 corns. All of which are covered in a delicious seasoning mess. You then eat it with your hands - either all hunched over around the box/bag, or if you're extremely fancy, you pour the giant mess onto a picnic table covered in newspaper.

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