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Originally Posted by filmore View Post
Saving money on utensils is probably not the case. The way you generally eat at a crawfish boil is with your hands, whether at a restaurant or in your backyard. You could use utensils, but it would be odd in the same way that eating NY pizza with a fork and knife is odd.

Typically the tables have some type of disposable covering, like newspaper, to help with cleanup.
I was gonna say. If I'm at a crawfish boil, I expect to get the damned things intact, not gutted for me. That's part of the charm of a boil. (Along with the yummy potatoes and corn boiled in the spiced cooking liquid.) Plus some people (like me), enjoy sucking the heads, too, for a bit more of that crawfish punch. If you're not into that then, yeah, get the etoufee or something. But this is a restaurant named "Boiling Seafood Crawfish." If they didn't serve crawfish this way, I'd be pissed, because that's the expectations the name of the restaurant sets for me. (OK, I don't know about the plastic bag thing, but everything else sounds pretty right.) I mean, just google image search "crawfish boil."

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