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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Every restaurant is built on "that one corner". The location isn't special; the business is. Running a restaurant successfully is a lot harder than most people think, and requires a very different skill set, with the result that most restaurants fail very quickly. So you get one place open up somewhere, and unsurprisingly, it fails. It's followed by another, and another, and unsurprisingly, they fail too. Eventually, if the place isn't torn down, you get management in who has the knack for business, and you get a restaurant that sticks around for decades. Until the owner retires, and then the cycle starts again.
Oddly enough, the best fictional depiction of running a restaurant (into the ground) was written and drawn by R. Crumb back in the '90s, in one of the "Mode O'Day" stories about a wannabe beautiful person in NoCal and her downscale pal Doggo, an anthropomorphic dog.

Ended with Mode's partner hitting the wine hard every evening, alienating the chef imported from the East, an armed robbery (neighborhood wasn't quite gentrified yet), and Mode and Doggo climbing in the back window to steal stuff.