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Originally Posted by Johnny Ecks View Post
When I was a kid in the early eighties a mall in my area had a "Sophie's Choice" themed restaurant. Didn't last long.

Also, anyone who opens a place on that one corner- you know the one. Has anything there lasted longer than six months?
There's a place in Milwaukee, used to be a Sizzler. Back when it was a Sizzler there was a an E.coli outbreak including the death of a 3 year old girl. Soon after the restaurant closed, someone I know made the comment that the place should never be a restaurant again, they should just turn it into an office building or a store or something. Personally, I didn't thing it would be that big of a dea.

That was 17 years ago and since then, there's probably been a half a dozen restaurants that have either started up in that building or moved to that location (must have cheap rent and I'll bet all the equipment is brand new because of the first person after Sizzler putting in new stuff), and most of them last about a year, maybe two.

Sure, maybe they just don't do well for whatever reason. OTOH, I know some of them have had other places for many many years, moved here and are now gone. At least one already had another location, opened and closed this one and still have the first. Honestly, I'm surprised banks give people loans for this place. And, to be clear, it's a great location.

What sucks, for the restaurants that move there is that when they're a few weeks from opening there's always a small write-up in the newspaper, but it seems every single time, one of the first lines is 'hey, remember that Sizzler that killed the little girl...". Jeezus, stop saying that, it's not helping, and we're far enough out (nearly two decades) that a lot of people don't remember it any more.

Seems every time a new place opens, there's an article like this one, just read the first line: