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Velveeta is in the dairy section in the store I go to, which is good because my mac & cheese calls for 3 different cheeses and they're all right there.

But, I only shop in one store for that kind of thing so I had no idea it would be outside of the dairy case anywhere else. Now I know!

Raisins can be tricky IMHO. They used to be in the produce section at my store, then moved farther back past the produce, and now there is a large dried fruit and nut section tucked next to the fish, even further past the produce.

At Wal Mart I looked by the produce, the candy, the baking stuff and didn't find it. Finally someone helped me find it by the fruit snacks which are behind the pop.

I asked my friend who is a manager at Wal Mart if he knew where the raisins were. He had to give it some thought but he did come up with "fruit snacks." He also agreed that they do get moved a lot.