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Originally Posted by jtur88 View Post
I was in WalMart once trying to buy grated Parmesan. I asked three different employees, they all thought they knew where it was, but it wasn't there. Then, the other day, I was as my usual supermarket, and I looked where it used to be, and it had been moved half way across the store, to a completely different area.

My store also puts Brauhschweiger among the spreadable cheeses, because they don't know that it's meat.
That's generally where I find it, but all those things are pretty close together: deli meats, sliced cheeses, spreadable cheeses, braunschweiger. And it's clearly not the case that they're mistaking it for cheese, at least here, because one of the brands (Scott Peterson), you can actually see the liver sausage itself. The meats and cheeses that you can hang up in their packaging get hung up, and the ones that require shelves (like the spreadable cheeses, braunschweiger, hummus and whatnot) get their own area.

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