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Originally Posted by CalMeacham View Post
Around here, hot oil (chili-infused oil).

It ought to be easy, but the supermarkets here seem to only carry it when they feel like it. When they do, it might be in with Ethnic Foods or it might be with Sauces. You never can tell.
One that infuriated me was a brand of tomato sauce called 6-in-1. Actually, they're ground tomatoes, and they are perfect for all manners of pasta and pizza sauce making. Love the stuff and it's a fairly usual ingredient for at least being the base of Chicago thin crust pizza sauces.

Anyhow, there was one store (Mariano's) where I never could find it, so I assumed they didn't stock it. Until ond day I went to the Italian import aisle, where it was there alongside all the imported tomatoes. All the other domestic brands are in the regular canned tomato aisle but, for whatever reason, 6-in-1 ends up in the ethnic aisle. I mean, does it even sound like an import brand?

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