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Originally Posted by jtur88 View Post
I was in WalMart once trying to buy grated Parmesan.
That would have been my nomination. And bread crumbs. Both ingredients in my go-to salmon recipe.

I've also had difficulty finding taco shells, and the little envelop of taco seasoning.

You ever have the experience where your local store seems to just move things around to fuck with you? My local supermarket completely reorganized a couple of years ago. For a good year after that, it was almost amusing to see all of the shoppers essentially engaged in a scavenger hunt. "Well it was RIGHT HERE last week!" Seems to have calmed down since.

And why don't all stores of a single brand sock similar products arranged similarly? Our suburb has 2 Jewels, but they are laid out completely differently, and each one has some products which the other never stocks.