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Originally Posted by Dinsdale View Post
You ever have the experience where your local store seems to just move things around to fuck with you?
Yes. I've bitched about it a number of times here on the board. And since I last posted this in November, they've rearranged the produce twice in that time, most recently a few weeks ago.

This drives me crazy, too, OP. My local grocery store pulls this sort of shit at least once or twice a year, although it feels like three or four times a year to me. And it's not moving the goods up or down a few shelves; it can be on the shelf across from where it originally was, it could be in an adjacent aisle, or it could be clear in a another part of the store, depending on the item. Fuck, they even do this with produce. Green peppers used to be on the left wall when you walk in. Now, they're about twenty yards away on the right wall. Lettuce used to be on the right; now it's on the left. LIquor section, same shit. Wne use to be aisles two and three, with hard spirits against the wall and across from it. Now wine is on the wall, spirits in aisles two and three. The bread has moved around so many god damned times in the store. Sometimes it's in the aisle against the fridges. Sometimes, the aisle before that, sometimes on free-standing shelving in the middle of the store by the deli section. Cans of peanuts went all the way from aisle 10 to aisle 2. Drives me absolutely fucking batty, ask my wife.