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Originally Posted by aceplace57 View Post
We need an app for this.


Home Depot's web site tells you if an item is in stock and gives the aisle for a specific store.

Big grocery chains should do the same.

An App that let you choose the store. Enter cereal. And it says aisle 3A
I think Walmart has an app that tells you the aisle, though I have never used it.

My vote for something impossible to find and never where it logically should be is chocolate syrup, the kind you have on ice cream. Once in a while a store will have some of those wire basket thingys attached to a door on the ice cream aisle, the kind of basket that holds specialty or one-off items like toys. But even then it's usually a generic kind, never Hershey's and certainly not the more 'gourmet' kinds of toppings. WHY??? Why would a store stock this item anywhere else except near the ice cream or, at minimum, milk? I buy it so seldom that anytime I do, I've forgotten again where it's located in the store and have to ask every single time unless I want to walk up and down, up and down.