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Originally Posted by Alley Dweller View Post
Maybe the reason they are so anxious to have him come in on Tuesday is because they already have a different victim booked for Wednesday.

Or they could be a bunch of disorganized flakes.
I'm thinking the opposite if it's a scam. They're going thru a lot of effort, cost, & risk to get a new computer. Have everyone come in on Tues - Oh the guy who was training you is out sick today so you can go home (so that they can do this to a number of other people w/o a bunch of noobs sitting around.) Get dozen new computers & then close shop. By Wed, they're long gone so contacting the PD doesn't do much.

OTOH, it wouldn't be the first place that asks me to bring my own equipment; I didn't walk away from that place either - I ran.

The $3/hr raise to start one day early is raising more alarm bells than anything else. Giving a $100 or $200 bonus I could see but $3/hour more? No way in Hell! Something is definitely fishy.