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Originally Posted by hogarth View Post
Before the most recent Canadian federal election, the Conservative party had a radio ad condemning the Liberals idea of making marijuana consumption legal for adults. The ad had a concerned mother arguing that if marijuana was legal for adults to consume, then children would be able to illegally purchase marijuana. I wasn't under the impression that children found it particularly difficult to purchase marijuana in the first place, so the ads seemed kind of pointless to me.
I was always under the impression one could go to any school yard and purchase as much marijuana as he wanted from any school kid. (The hardest part would be going to the school yard - maybe as school lets out?) We supposedly have medical m.j. here, and it's supposedly very expensive and very hard to get a prescription for. Whereas, a young person of my acquaintance assures me if I ever need some for cancer or whatever, they can get me as much as I want - 'it's everywhere!'.