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If we live in a multiverse, what percentage of universes will be capable of harboring life

Is there a limit on potential physical laws? If we live in a multiverse and if different universes have different physical laws (hypothetical), only a microscopic percentage can harbor life. Has anyone done a guesstimation on what % could harbor life? Is there a limit on physical laws, meaning, can lambda have infinite values or are the values within a set range? I realize that you can have infinite values within a set range, but there are going to be values that allow chemistry and life within that range.

I don't understand physics well so I'm not sure if this is even a valid question. Point is, if we live in a multiverse of endless variations of physical laws, and assuming there are finite limits on physical laws, what percentage of universes relative to the whole could harbor life? Or is the answer 'an infinite minority of an infinite majority' or something?