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Originally Posted by Tranquilis View Post
If we live in a multiverse, the question is essentially meaningless - How can you take a percentage of infinity?
There are infinitely many positive integers. Yet we know what proportion are divisible by 2.

Originally Posted by Czarcasm View Post
It doesn't matter what you do, because in some other universe you will always do the right thing.
This idea was covered very well in a science fiction short story by Larry Niven-"All The Myriad Ways"
But an infinite number of things does not imply infinite variety. There may be infinitely many universes, but with rather tight constraints on what kind of universe is possible.

I think that there is often a mistaken conflation of the multiverse with Everett's many-worlds interpretation of QM. The latter does indeed seem to imply that (in some poorly defined sense) all possible outcomes exist. But most versions of the multiverse are based on completely different ideas.