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Originally Posted by Just Asking Questions View Post
I hate the concept of the multiverse. Not only does it take away free will, it takes away any point to existence.
Far from it; not only does it not matter what may happen in other universes, but you have the opportunity to make your universe the best of all possible existences.

As to the concept of other universes, it should be recognized that there are two separate concepts here. One comes from the quantum mechanical notion of simultaneous superposition of possibilities at the quantum level, derived from Hugh Everett's "relative state" interpretation (note that Everett did not promote the idea that there was a literal "multiverse"; just that we're experiencing one of a multitude of simultaneous possibilities). In this multiverse, all the laws of physics are the same but the resolutions of individual states fill all possible options, and share the same mass-energy matrix in a state of superposition.

The other is from brane cosmology that there are separate, unconnected physical universes formed from an initial singularity of energy and which deconstructed into different balances of dimensions and physical parameters. In this case, each universe has its own separate mass and energy (which may or may not be infinite in extent) and are in no way causally connected with one another. In this case, the laws of physics may vary wildly and perhaps randomly, and only a very small number of them would have enough of a structure of chemistry or some analog to develop a stable order. This is what people refer to when trying to justify some "anthropomorphic principle" of higher intelligence even though there is no evidence to suggest that our universe is specially crafted for us as much as that we simple have evolved to fit into a universe and world where relatively stable self-organizing systems are possible.