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Originally Posted by Just Asking Questions View Post
An infinite number. And there's an infinite number without life. And an infinite number where almost everything else is the same but you spell your SD name with an e at the end.

I hate the concept of the multiverse. Not only does it take away free will, it takes away any point to existence.
The sad thing is, even if this particular universe is semi unique (as in, our neighbors are different enough that the earth doesn't have life or the same planetary structure, etc), there is no empirical evidence for free will or any physical theories to support it.

The most likely explanation given current knowledge is that the particular atoms in your brain determine what you will do and how you will learn from what you did and thus any future changes, and those atoms are governed by physical laws.

So whether or not you read this post and realize it's true, or dismiss it because it disagrees with your pre-existing false beliefs is only determined by physics. You didn't decide anything.