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Originally Posted by tripthicket View Post
Well, there is that famous Folgers Christmas commercial...
Best thing is the first YouTube comment:
His eyes moved to the red ribbon she had planted on his right pectoral muscle. He saw something in her eyes when she touched him. A recognition of firmness. After all, he was toned to perfection from weeks of rebuilding a church in Rokoray, along the northern banks of the Great Scarcies River. He had met a woman there who reminded him of his sister. He cared for her, taught her a fledgling example of English, had even found himself feeling love for her. That was not a sisterly love however. Then again… was this?
Originally Posted by running coach View Post
It's for a psychiatric medication. Right when the voiceover is mentioning suicidal impulses as a side effect, the visual is two women standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

Honestly, I find commercials with meaning, however unintended their messages, somewhat refreshing. I don't see many ads these days, but when I do, my general response is ''WTF was that?" Because they really don't even seem to make sense these days.