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Originally Posted by Mijin View Post
Well I've never been clear on that aspect. But if it's as you say then ISTM the multiverse doesn't really help with the issue of why all the constants in our universe appear fine-tuned. Because it just kicks it further down the road: considering the infinity of multiverses that could not harbour life, what good fortune this is the one that exists.
The "fine tuning" argument is really solipsistic nonsense. If the universe were not configured as it is, we would not be here to ask the question and the issue would be resolved. The need for the universe to be finely tuned to permit our existence is predicated on some essential necessity of that existence, rather than that we just happened to emerge from the existing mechanics of physics and chemisty of a convenient universe. Could those mechanics be altered by an arbitrary change in universal constants making any order impossible? Sure, that is concievable, but there would be no one in that universe to ask questions.

The question of multiple universes is purely speculative and not possible of being frames as even a hypothesis without some fundamental breakthoughs in the physics of cosmology, e.g. some ability to finely measure and control gravity (which, as Chronos adroitly corrected me, may allow causal connections between seperate branes), so any question predicated on their existence is also speculative. Speculation can be quite fun, of course, and lead to enjoyable fiction, but we cannot draw any useful conclusions without observable phenomena and measureable data.


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