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Originally Posted by Superdude View Post
There's also a Milky Way commercial where a girl is eating a candy bar while tattooing someone, and misspells the word "regrets" so that it reads "regerts." When the customer points that out, she responds with "sorry...I was eating a Milky Way."

So...Milky Way candy bars cause you to not pay attention to your job, and to suck horribly at the things you attempt to perform? Sounds like a stupid ad campaign: "Milky Way candy bars. They cause you to be inattentive, and your ability to spell correctly to vanish."

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This is reminiscent of a series of KitKat commercials from back in the 80s. The tag line was, "Give yourself a KitKat, give yourself a break". There was one in which a photographer was waiting patiently to take a photo at a zoo enclosure. He eventually decides to take a break to eat his KitKat bar, and while so distracted, fails to notice the pandas suddenly coming out of their cave to prance about, and thus he utterly fails to get the exact photo he'd been waiting to take.

My take away from it was, "Use our product, screw up your job!"