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Originally Posted by Mijin View Post
As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm not sure that the fine-tuning "problem" is really a problem that needs or could be solved. However, I also don't find the anthropic principle compelling either.

A pretty sizeable chunk of science is investigating and understanding phenomena that human life depends on.
Now it's true that why this constant is 4.3 instead of 4.2 is a different kind of question to "How does water dissolve so many things?", say. It's a Why question vs a How question, for a start.
But for me, I don't see why that makes the anthropic principle "work" or be a satisfying answer.
Isn't it amazing that human beings just happen to live on Earth, where there is liquid water, an oxygen atmosphere and photosynthesis, which can support us, instead of Mars, where we'd freeze, suffocate, and starve to death?

Of course there aren't any human beings on Mars, and it's not just random chance that humans evolved on Earth, a planet fine-tuned to support human life, rather than on Mars, a planet without any of the things required to support human life.

Our lungs aren't perfectly adapted to breathe Earth's air by chance, rather, the Earth's atmosphere existed and our ancestors evolved to breathe it.

So since we exist, we must exist in a universe and planet where human life could exist.

Of course, our universe isn't exactly finely tuned to support the presence of life, since even here in our solar system life apparently only exists on one small planet. The other bodies in the solar system are implacably hostile to life. Most of the matter in the universe is collected into starts, which can't support life, or frozen iceballs that can't support life, or finely dispersed gas and dust, which can't support life.

If I were going to design a universe capable of supporting life as we know it, Jim, I could do a much better job. Like that giant sun and tiny Earth, that's ridiculous, it should be the other way around. And those other big planets are just a waste of space, so replace them with tiny moving lights. And other stars? Silly. And let's put a dome over the Earth to hold in the atmosphere rather than use gravity. So something more like this: